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Organic Gardening

At Growcerys, we have worked out the answer to clean and fresh organic food, adopting the science of Aquaponics. Learn more on how we can be more efficient about what we grow, where we grow and how we grow. Get to see our offerings to kick start your organic journey on our organic section.

Living Room Ready plants

Pot with saucer, premium soil included

Pots made from recycled plastic

Free shipping on orders over ₹700

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When will my order arrive?

Most orders ship within 1-2 business days after being placed. Once your order leaves our greenhouse it takes an additional 3-5 days to arrive at your door. A shipping confirmation email will be sent to you when your item(s) ship from our greenhouse with tracking information.
Please Note: Due to the precautions we are taking in light of COVID-19 and an increased volume of orders, we are experiencing longer ship times than usual. Your order should ship within 3-5 business days after being placed.
Orders Rs.700 and over (after any discounts) ship free.

How will my order arrive?

We take great care in growing, packaging, and shipping your new plants so they’re ready to thrive in your home. This includes keeping them safe while they travel from the greenhouse to your doorstep.
Your plant will arrive healthy and undamaged in a specially designed self-watering pot with premium soil.

What are the sizes of your pots?

We have 3 sizes of pots. The small pot (for our small plants) has a diameter of 6.3 inches and is 5 inches tall. The medium pot (for our medium plants) has a diameter of 8 inches and is 7 tall. The large pot (for our large and extra-large plants) has a diameter of 11.8 inches and is 10.25 inches tall.

What material are your pots made of?

Our pots are made of recycled plastic. Simply put, this pot is the best option that meets our high standards for durability, the health of the plant, safety for your floor or surface, and aesthetics. We’ve spent a long time doing lots of research testing pots to come to this conclusion.

Can you return plants?

No. At this time, Growcerys does not accept returns on plants, but we do guarantee every plant will arrive in great condition, and all plants are guaranteed for 30 days after purchase. If your plant or pot arrived damaged, or your purchase was made less than 30 days ago, please have your order number and photo of your damaged plant ready. Then, let us know, so we can ship a replacement for you as soon as possible.
If you purchased your plant more than 30 days ago, not to worry! We’re here to help you with all your plant questions or concerns!

My plant or pot arrived damaged, what do I do?

We’re so sorry your plant or pot was damaged during shipping. Every plant is fragile and the shipping process is not always kind (or easy). Most of the time we get it right, but sometimes we don’t. We guarantee the safe and healthy arrival of all our plants and will happily send you a replacement free of charge. Please have your order number and a photo of your damaged plant ready within 24 hours of the delivery, so we can ship a replacement for you as soon as possible.


Our mission is to help people rediscover their love for growing. All our efforts are focused on learning and applying small yet powerful ways to go back to nature. #GrowWithLove

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